My Serpent. Author’s Note: I miss Sweet Pea. Also, this is really lengthy


Sweet Pea Believe

Summary:You’re Archie’s small brother and online dating sweet-pea. When your bro goes slightly insane from the black cover, he inadvertently threatens your key boyfriend within the South Side. Once the Bulldog and Serpent happens, you take to the best to prevent it. But this could trigger problem in the middle of your brother and you.

You’re Archie’s little sibling. And by mean small, you might be singular seasons more youthful than your. You had been his companion and he was your own.

However, you also had a secret which you realized will give the uncle and perhaps the father a heart attack. You used to be with a Southside Serpent. Sweet Pea are precise.

You both found when you wanted to drop-off one thing to Jughead at their brand-new school. You cherished Jughead like a second bro and Jughead watched your as only a little sis since Jellybean left along with their mommy.

“right here, Jughead,” You state, giving your some meal.

“Y/N, what exactly are your creating right here?” Jughead asked because passed your some edibles.

“Aren’t you forgetting that I capture my personal final two tuition on line?” You smiled at him.

“Right. Well, thanks, Y/N,” Jughead mentioned, providing you a hug.

“Who’s the Northsider?” Your heard. Your appeared as much as read a lovely Serpent with a tattoo on the side of his throat.

“This is actually Y/N. She’s a close friend of my own,” Jughead launched.

“Nice in order to meet your,” your say.

“I’m Sweet Pea,” The Serpent mentioned.

“Sweet Pea? Would it be because you’re thus nice?” Your joke. Sweet-pea laughed somewhat. Your own cellphone buzzed leading you to move it from the skirt pouch.

“i need to run. My dad’s wanting to know in which Im,” You tell Jughead as you spotted a book out of your dad.

“I’ll go you around,” Jughead mentioned.

“i could walk their down obtainable,” sweet-pea supplied.

“Jughead, I’ll become fine with sweet-pea. I’ll view you after,” your make sure he understands.

Afterwards lightweight conversation, you and Sweet Pea began to chat a lot more. Eventually becoming something.

“Hi, Y/N,” Your read. Your looked over observe Reggie walking over to your.

“Hey Reggie,” You state.

“I was wondering, should you want to get some good milkshakes after school,” Reggie stated.

“Why me personally? You’ve Got each one of these lovely females around therefore choose me?” Your asked.

“why don’t you? You’re very,” Reggie mentioned.

“Very nice people but I’m gonna need certainly to decrease. You will find something after class now,” You simply tell him when you began walking out.

“Oh come on, Y/N!” Reggie said. You noticed Archie and Veronica planning to go by leading you to smirk.

“Archie, Reggie was exclusive dating app raya wanting to strike on me personally once again,” You tell him.

“Reggie!” Archie began.

After black hood came along, you started to stress. You saw their parent have recorded and you watched the buddy run some insane. When your brother developed the red group, your made an effort to stay out of it as much as possible.

Because had been doing all of your homework upstairs, you heard a common motorcycle sound making you look from windows. Your saw the man you’re seeing walk-over to your home and also other Serpents. Your went to see Veronica plus uncle talking to your.

“Sweet Pea?” Your asked, strolling on the steps.

“Y/N?” sweet-pea asked in dilemma.

“You discover him, Y/N?” Archie requested you.

“Of course i really do. He’s my sweetheart,” You inform your sibling.

“You’re internet dating a serpent?” Archie asked in surprise.

“You’re matchmaking a gang affiliate, breathtaking?” Reggie questioned. All vision had been you today.

“Yes. And I’m happy with it also,” your tell them. Sweet Pea beamed at your.

“Y/N, go upstairs now,” Archie tells you.

“What? No. Archie!” You said.

“Y/N, get,” sweet-pea mentioned. You looked down and stepped right up.

You waited upstairs for just what had been happening. Veronica ran around your room once the kids remaining.

“Y/N, you’re alone who can end this. Grab a rain jacket and think about it,” Veronica said. You nodded and grabbed the trench coat and umbrella.

Both of you made it towards the combat in which this hasn’t going. You exposed your umbrella and ran more than.

“Stop!” Your yelled.

“Y/N, what the hell are you currently starting right here?” Your read Archie stated. You went up to the center and looked at both.

“You both can’t start without injuring me personally. Are We Able To all just mention this?” You expected.

“Y/N, get-out!” Archie stated.

“Y/N, you’re getting harmed,” Reggie stated.

“No! we don’t care. We don’t want you men to obtain injured.”

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